Mortgage lein is recorded for public record


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In addition to deeds and mortgages, the office records plats of subdivisions, ordinances and annexations, liens and releases, articles of incorporation, military service discharge papers and other various document types that have been submitted to become public record.


The tabs on either side of this main page provide access to our records and other important information. You may have confidence that business with the Recorder's Office will be conducted professionally and efficiently. We encourage you to view our customer satisfaction surveys from and All of us in the Recorder's Office are dedicated to providing you with the best possible service. Lost note affidavits have been, for the most part, replaced under LRS , which authorizes an authentic or authenticated act from a licensed financial institution to direct the Clerk to cancel the mortgage inscription.

Recording (Real Estates, Deeds, Liens, & Judgments)

In short, you are no longer able to cancel based upon a lost note affidavit, except in the case of a notary who lost the note. If an individual holder namely not a licensed financial institution loses a paraphed note, the law requires a mandamus to cancel. The changes in the laws of registry are many.

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Please take some time to review Act in its entirety. All property transactions, mineral leases, restrictions, subdivision maps, and other recordings can be accessed through a written or computerized index. Both the written and computerized index systems date back to Located in the Conveyance Section are large-screen computer viewing stations for public use.

How a Lien Affects Your Property

Real estate agents, surveyors, appraisers, abstractors, and attorneys are encouraged to use these facilities. Our staff provides assistance free of charge. The Mapping Section is responsible for filing all survey maps in the computerized mapping index.

How To Do Your Own Title Search (With or Without Title Insurance) - Training Tutorial

So, in many instances, surveys have not been recorded, or, even if recorded, they may not be retrievable. The staff of the mapping section is continuously reviewing old real estate sales documents in search of maps that may have been recorded as part of a conveyance but are not currently in the mapping index.

As they are discovered, the staff is digitizing and indexing them into the system.

For maps in our inventory, Mapping Section staff can reproduce even large subdivision types. If you need or want a map not currently retrievable in our system, you may be able to obtain a copy from the surveyor who prepared the original work. - Public-Official-Records

Former Clerk of Court Tom Sullivan- in a joint effort with Assessor Jeff Taylor- previously contracted for a new up-to-date parish ownership map. It provides a valuable service to those attempting to locate owners of Livingston Parish real property. This process is known as indexing.

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  6. The Indexing Section also maintains certain miscellaneous documents in manual index books. Mortgages and Conveyances. Recording Desk The Recording Desk is where conveyances, mortgages, and other documents become part of the public records of Livingston Parish.

    What Is a Property Lien?

    Mortgage Section The Mortgage Section issues mortgage certificates and non-lien certificates. Mortgage Certificates Mortgage Certificates are issued on a first-come, first-served basis. Mortgage Cancellation The Mortgage Cancellation section performs all mortgage note cancellations and issues certificates to that effect.