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Besides, the public can also access all materials received or made by an agency that pertains to their official business. Multiple criminal history information records are maintained by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, which also processes the requests that the public makes to obtain these histories.

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There is a fee that must be paid every time an individual request for a record check. The fee must be paid whether the request to access these records is approved or denied. The repository for criminal history information of Florida makes the information contained in the database available to the public. You can make a request for arrest records and criminal records online through the website of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

Also available is the ability status and the account balances of any inmate who is to be bailed. These inmate records can be searched by inmate name and county. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is also responsible for state issued background checks. The public can access Florida Courts Records through the county or court in which the case took place. You can request to obtain copies of court records through email, by mail, or in person. Such requests are often associated with fees and the delivery is made within a period of 5 days or more. You can contact the Florida Office of the State Courts Administration for further clarification concerning requesting Florida Court Records as well as accessing them.

Florida Vital requests are kept and distributed by the Florida Department of Health upon request. The vital records consist of birth, marriage, divorce, death and fetal records. Such records may be required for school entrance, employment or gaining passports. Florida public records are easy to obtain. Just make your request through the right channel and meet all the requirements and you will be granted access to the information you seek.

Understanding how the system of Florida state court works is very important as it helps you find court records easily. To make your work easier, start searching for court records in Florida by simply going to courts by county. Florida Circuit Courts have general jurisdiction to handle all criminal and civil cases. However, they typically hear only those cases that County Courts have no jurisdiction to handle.

They also handle majority of cases that request injunctive relief, all actions that involve the boundaries or title of real property, and some landlord-tenant cases. Typical criminal cases that these courts handle include lesser-included offenses and felonies.

They also handle family law cases, abuse prevention orders, juvenile matters, probate matters, and mental cases. Family law cases that these courts handle include child support, divorce and child custody.

Middle District of Florida | United States District Court

Juvenile cases include majority of juvenile delinquency cases and child protection cases. Probate cases include guardianship, estates, trusts and wills. Mental Health cases handled by Circuit Courts include involuntary hospitalization. These courts also provide a simplified procedure for some divorce cases and also handle juvenile traffic offenses.

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These courts have exclusive jurisdiction to handle certain criminal and civil cases. Typical criminal cases that these courts handle include violations of county and municipal ordinance and most misdemeanors. I hope you find our website helpful in conducting your personal and professional business. We are here to serve you!

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